When can I play ? Can I play anytime ?

Of course. Our facility is ready for you year-round, 7 days a week, from 14 PM to 10 PM (Weekend 9 AM to 10 PM); if booked in advance, we are also open 24 hours/day including special night events.
All you need to do is let us know in advance, and we’ll accommodate your requests.

How large should the group be ? Will we play alone ?

The more, the merrier. Paintball is a team game, and if there are only just a few of you, it won’t be such an adventure.
That’s why we have also set the minimum number of players to 4 because we’ll break you up in the spaces of an old porcelain factory.
For the Junior zone, the maximum capacity is 10 juniors

When should we arrive ? Does is matter if someone comes late ?

Always arrive at the arena at the given time.
Some time is set aside for training, safety regulations, changing, distributing gear, etc.

How do we get there ?

The arena is located on the premises of the former porcelain factory in Karlovy Vary - Rybáře, not far from the roundabout near LIDL, Baumax (across from the Rolava facility).
If interested, we can arrange for private transport directly to our facility (charged by distance and km).

What should I bring along ?

We’ll give you everything you need for playing– everything from the gun to the camo outfits.
You can, however, bring your own gear. We recommend sturdy ankle-high boots and any kind of older clothing

How much will it cost ? Do you accept credit/debit card ? 

Yes, as one of just a few in the Czech Republic, you can use your VISA or MASTERCARD to pay. Take a look at our PRICELIST.
During their visit, the average person spends about CZK 1 000, but it all depends on how long you stay and if you have your own gear.
Corporate clients can pay by bank transfer. We play fair and pay taxes in order for our business to be sustainable in the long term, even with respect to the municipalities.

Do you also offer snacks or catering ?

Yes, the arena also boasts a bistro with a total capacity of 25 places inside and 16 places outdoors.
You can have a beer, wine, prosecco, non-alcoholic beverages, seasonal mixed drinks or even a delicious Italian coffee, panini or hot dog.
For corporate events or junior parties, we offer tailored snacks, and can arrange a pick-up service for larger groups.

What kind of pellets do you use ? Can you wash out the colours ?

The ball is actually a thin-cased gelatin capsule filled with a water-soluble and easy-to-wash mixture of food colouring, soap and water.
We only use premium pellets, which differ from the low-cost options in the colour of the shell and filling, making them easier to aim with and to recognise when hit.
Your own pellets are permitted only if used with your own gun.

Does it hurt when the ball hits me ? Is paintball safe ?

It depends on the distance from which you are hit and where you’re hit. Most of the time, you can feel the hit, but it isn’t painful. It’s quite unlikely that you’ll take a bruise away from the game.
The main condition for safe play is the use of a special protective mask, which we provide, and a secured gun whenever not in play.

Can childern/juniors play paintball ?

Yes, but they must be accompanied by a legal guardian. The recommended minimum age for play is 8 years.
We have a junior zone ready for your youngsters, while you relax, watch them and have a bit to eat all at the same time :)



Sokolovská 921/124a
360 05 Karlovy Vary


We accept cash and credit/debit cards.

Paintball Adventure (2021)
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